Partnering Up

Choosing the Right Business Partner

How to choose the best fit for you

How to choose the best fit for you

How to choose the best fit for you.

Starting your own business is an enormous undertaking. One of the most critical, strategic decisions you will make is whether to take a partner.  Horror stories abound about the partner from hell and about partnerships gone wrong. Deciding whether to take a partner and choosing the right one is a strategic...

Inner Strength

10 Keys to Honoring Your Greatness

Live With Integrity

Live With Integrity

Work/Life Balance

Each of us, regardless of circumstances, always has the power to make good choices – choices that bring into our lives more of what we want, minimize the things we don't want and honor the woman that we are and the greatness that resides within us.

Following are ten choices that honor your greatness...

Corporate Fast Track

Motivate and Engage Your Employees

Connect with employees by building a

two-way communication flow of ideas and answers.

Entrepreneurial Journey

How to Name Your Startup

9 Things to Consider

When Naming Your Company

Networking / Work Transition

How to Ace the Interview

How to Ace the Interview

Be prepared.

Community and Events

Tip of the week

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Director of Communications at Parish Episcopal School

Sports tips to connect at work.

Work Life Balance

Keeping Good Care

Night out?

Do your homework.


Your Style: Classic is Key

All you need

is a few key fashion pieces.

Get Inspired

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