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Have You Been Stung by a Queen Bee?

Have You Been Stung by a Queen Bee?

Today, women are making their mark everywhere, moving into corner offices and boardrooms, owning companies, and governing constituents at all levels. So, when they get in positions of power, we naturally expect them to develop other women who follow them, providing opportunities for these employees and associates to excel and prosper. Unfortunately, even in the second decade of a new millennium, some women still see other women as a threat and...

Managing Stress

Inner Peace For Busy People

How full is your well?

Advice for Work/Life Balance

One January I went to the Caribbean to teach a relaxing, week-long personal growth program. The waters were a superb shade of aquamarine. The sunsets were magnificent. And I was a crispy critter, exhausted and disheartened. I had traveled more than 200 days the previous year, with too little support on the work and home fronts. Then, over the Christmas holidays, a long-time...


Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank

Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank

We all know we should eat healthy, but is it financially feasible? It can be! Read on for tips on healthy eating without breaking the bank, from

I can't even count the number of times that I have had someone ask me how we can afford to feed a family of eight on one income...

Speak Up!

Are You Afraid of Speaking Your Mind?

Make a commitment to ongoing dialog.

Manage Yourself Positively for Balance in Work and Life

Five Keys to Speaking Up About the Things That Weigh You (and Your Relationships) Down

In any relationship, issues will inevitably arise from time to time that have the potential to create tension and conflict.  It's not the issues themselves that are the main cause for relationship breakdown but how you go about addressing them. Many of us struggle to effectively speak up about the issues that cause feelings of resent, frustration or downright anger, with the end result that what isn’t talked out gets acted out … in cheap...

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