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Work Life Balance

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Sports Tip of the Week: David McNabb, Yahoo Rivals Writer

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Sports tips to connect at work.

Week of: September 22

The NFL keeps scrambling about its inconsistency in disciplining players convicted and charged of crimes but the reason Commissioner Roger Goodell can keep his $44 million (not a typo) per year job can be seen in the TV ratings for Sept. 8-14.

The NFL accounted for the Top 7 shows and eight of the Top 10. At No. 7, nearly 50-year-old 60 Minutes, featured a re-run of a segment about Alabama...

Speak Up!

Are You Afraid of Speaking Your Mind?

Make a commitment to ongoing dialog.

Manage Yourself Positively for Balance in Work and Life

Five Keys to Speaking Up About the Things That Weigh You (and Your Relationships) Down

In any relationship, issues will inevitably arise from time to time that have the potential to create tension and conflict.  It's not the issues themselves that are the main cause for relationship breakdown but how you go about addressing them. Many of...

Work Life Balance

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Learn ways to increase your level of happiness.

Strategy for Life

Happiness is the illusive desire of every human being on earth. We seek happiness through the doors of religion, philosophy, psychology, medicine and even government.  In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote “We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal: that...

Back to Work

Making Your Career Relaunch Easier for Your Kids

Strengthen the ties as you prepare to go back to work.

Career Transition

Don't expect your children to be thrilled with the idea of your going back to work. Any change in their routine may throw them. Presenting yourself consistently as a working parent is the key to making the transition easier. We think a gradual relaunch, in which you get your kids accustomed to your absence when they come home from school two or three days a week, before you then shift to five days a week in the office, will make the transition easier for them to handle.

Additionally, you need to explain to your children, early and often, why your desire for a job is not a rejection of...

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