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Work Life Balance

Goal Setting

Soul Meets Purpose

Set goals that live up to expectations

Insight From A Life Coach Perspective

Are your client's goals driven by ego or soul?

Coaching, as a relatively new profession, is still defining itself.  A definition I favor is this, as a coach -- I help my clients achieve goals. This contrasts with psychotherapy, which helps clients to fix personal problems. Goal setting is a key component of a coaching relationship, and it is a rich topic. I will address only one aspect of it: How do we know whether our client's...

Eating Healthy

Lunch Strategies for Work

Eat healthy even at work.

Nutrition for Working Women

The best option for eating healthy at work is to pack your lunch. Some days, however, packing your own meal isn't an option. When you're not able to brown-bag it, don’t let that excuse derail your healthy diet! Instead, make smart choices:

  • If your only option is fast food, pick a broiled chicken breast sandwich, but skip the high-fat...

Work Life Balance

The Myth of Perfect Life Balance

Secrets to maintaining an imperfect balance.

Help for Working Women

Life Balance seems to be getting a lot of airplay these days as most people find themselves living continually busier lives. Balance is important because without it we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, run down and unable to enjoy our relationships or our lives as fully as we'd like. However, striking...

Can’t Miss It. Try It.

Sports Tip of the Week: David McNabb, Yahoo Rivals Writer

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Sports tips to connect at work.

Week of: April 13

​A 21-year-old Jordan Spieth won his first Masters Tournament in Augusta Georgia to ignite what already has been a high-profile career. A phenom from Dallas, Spieth has been a golfing prodigy since he won a PGA event as an amateur five years ago. Spieth already has won more than $15 million as a pro golfer and will be the hottest marketing property going as the face of the lucrative golf equipment and clothing industries.

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Help for Professional Women

Get Creative in the Kitchen: Cooking for one

Cooking for one during the work week

How to Communicate With Your Babysitter

by Genevieve Thiers

Live Out Your Dreams to Teach Your Kids to Live Theirs

Work/Life Balance

Keeping Good Care

Determining the Pay Rate for your Sitter

Cheap Date or Fine Romance: How to Tell the Difference

Is your date cheap or creative?

What Is The Quality Of Your Excuses?

by Margie Warrell

Our Job as the Parents of Teens

How to help our children reach their goals

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