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Work Life Balance

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Sports Tip of the Week: David McNabb, Yahoo Rivals Writer

Tip of the Week: David McNabb

Sports tips to connect at work.

Week of: March 23

​The NCAA post-season basketball tournament continues to create huge interest in the buzz about close finishes, controversial calls, major powers colliding on the court and Cinderellas blossoming with upsets. Kentucky is the overall favorite but Arizona, Duke and Notre Dame loom as potential opponents after the...

Follow Your Dreams

Live Out Your Dreams to Teach Your Kids to Live Theirs

Work toward goals that inspire and challenge you.

Work/Life Balance

I have young children. Four of them to be exact since I counted them only this morning as I shuffled them into the car for school drop off. There are a lot of things I do for my kids, most of which I enjoy, some of which I don't but I do anyway. But apart from the many things I do for my children, I know my greatest responsibility is to be a wonderful role model for them. To do...

Home Help

Keeping Good Care

When you find a good one, make sure to pay appropriately.

Determining the Pay Rate for your Sitter

It's one of the greatest mysteries of childcare: What should you pay your babysitter? Sometimes, you'll get lucky and hire a sitter who already has a set rate. Other times, you'll get a sitter who tosses it back to you with a nonchalant, "Oh, just pay whatever you think is...


Cheap Date or Fine Romance: How to Tell the Difference

Cheap Date or Fine Romance: How to Tell the Difference

Is your date cheap or creative?

Let’s say you believe in letting a guy pay for your dates, and let’s say that instead of taking you to an expensive restaurant he takes you to a park for a picnic. Is he cheap or creative? The answer is: it depends. If he’s young and doesn’t have any money, cheap dates are a necessity. If he’s older and has money, a cheap date can be refreshing and different. What he spends the money on isn’t nearly as important as how he pulls off the date.

If he asks you to make the food for the picnic, he’s being cheap AND unromantic. If he puts together the date – tablecloth, wine, cheese,...

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